Local Search – Your Most Vital Pipeline

Above all, when you think of SEO, you think of results generated by a Google, Yahoo or Bing internet search.

However, if you are looking for a local business, you are probably going to search via city or town. This will bring up businesses in that particular search area, in other words, a local search.

Above all, local searches have an advantage in that they tie the business to a local address. Certainly this is important if you are looking for local services or a brick and mortar store. For example, you may be looking for a local mechanic to fix your car, or lawnmower.

This is something a lot of folks favor over “out of town” businesses. Dealing locally means you can usually go to the local physical structure.


The biggest difference between local and national search is that it is limited to a local map location, and therefore much smaller amount of competition. Subsequently, it is the quickest avenue for driving relevant local traffic to your business.

To clarify, if you are located in a small area of say 5,000 people, and you are 1 of 5 dentist offices in town – you are only competing with 4 other businesses. On the other hand, if you are a dentist in say, Chicago, you are probably competing with hundreds of dentist offices.

Most importantly, competing on local level deals with substantially less competition than national level endeavors. Subsequently, it requires less resources and time to attain great exposure.

Direct Traffic

Firstly, being visible in local searches drives direct traffic to your physical location, not just your website. Secondly, most search providers list a map section right on their results page. Therefore, as a result, your listing also appears on the first page of search results as well.

Why Optimize Mobile Websites?

There is some confusion out there as to what the exact definition is for a website that is mobile friendly. Let’s shed some light, and add clarity on this topic.

Just because your website framework is one that is “responsive” does not necessarily make your website optimized for mobile devices. Above all, we believe that your mobile experience should be as good as your desktop experience.

Firstly, you should not have to go about zooming in and out of a website to browse it on your mobile phone. Everything should be formatted so that it is the perfect size. For instance, such that you can browse it with just a flick of a thumb.

Secondly, whether it is a phone number, a form or map link, it should all function seamlessly and with minimal fuss. Phone numbers should just dial on click, forms should be short and easily filled out via voice command. Your direction should open up via a maps app.

In addition, galleries should scale and swipe flawlessly, you should have mobile scaled functional share icons. Further, you should have a mobile floating menu that is easily accessible at all times.

Mobile browser search is taking over desktop search in most industries today. If you don’t have a modern seamless mobile experience, you are losing out on half of the traffic. Consequently, your desktop rankings will also suffer if your mobile experience is subpar.

Optimizing your mobile experience is bound to drive more traffic to your store and make it easier for those clients to leave awesome customer reviews.

Content Marketing – Absolutely Essential

Digital Marketing has rapidly changed over the past few decades. So much so, that what was acceptable just five years ago – is now a kiss of digital death!

One must recognize the underlying fundamental shift of why search engine algorithms are changing. Why methods used unchanged for decades are being shelved and replaced with rich and engaging content.

As search engines mature, they are realizing that the rankings game is a cat and mouse game which constantly evolves. Search engines have adjusted their algorithms so that they could accurately bring the most relevant and valuable results to the top. Of course, the “seo”industry was trying to figure out how to game the algorithms to their client’s advantage and bring them to the top…

Playing the Game

A lot of content was written with the goal of scoring points with search engines. Many websites emerged that were really purposeless, other than providing an outlet for terribly written content.

Subsequently due to all the “gaming” going on over the past few years, search engines began to really dive into all of the factors that were important in ranking results. One of the biggest emerging game changers has been the ongoing development of AI algorithms. It is becoming easier to determine good content from bad. It is also becoming easier to identify content meant to enrich the users experience.

Technology Advancement

Today’s search engines are using some pretty sophisticated algorithms to determine ranking. They combine such things like content quality, load times, placement, user interaction, dwell times just to name a few.

AI algorithms are now able to determine well written content that is easy to read, understand, and most importantly relevant to the topic at hand. They can also differentiate between well designed and legible mobile sites versus ones that were written with older technology, are not mobile friendly and slow loading.

Using AI in this manner is vastly accelerating the weeding out process. In the next few years a great many websites which are now ranking well will most definitely falter. That is, if they do not take immediate action to update their technology, website, messaging and company ethos.

Why Content Marketing?

Meanwhile, with the weeding of poor quality and poor content comes the search for their opposites. Well designed, fast, easy to read and value added content. Such a task is easy to define, but much harder to execute. It involves the companies and owners actually putting in the time and energy to do their homework.

The commitment to produce quality content for your audience is not a light one. However, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences which company owners are humbled by. That is certainly a good outcome!

Certainly it will tie up some of your time and resources, but the results are worth it. Further, making the commitment to engage your audience, and rise as an industry leader yields tremendous results for your clients and company alike.

In other words, by producing engaging well researched content, one raises the bar in their operation. Moreover, once the bar is raised, the company must follow through on its promise. Most importantly, if they don’t, they will consequently suffer the slings and arrows of their audience. For example, reviews provide one such karma mechanism.

The Value Added Proposition

Certainly one may ask what benefit does content marketing provide?

Well researced content educates your audience about your industry and the benefits of your product or service. It enlightens them with the years of knowledge you have amassed on the topic. Likewise, if the message is truthful and honest, your target audience will appreciate the value your are providing them with.

Moreover, the more you dive in and create, the more you interact with your audience. Your experiences, pitfalls and triumphs may all be turned into succinct content that you can publish. For instance, you can carry out case studies on your product longevity or your services proven results. Backed up by data, scientific method, and sound logic, you are now blazing new trails in your industry!

Consequently, one can publish the findings on your own company blog page, industry journals, professional magazines and publications.

The Results

To sum it up, there are many measurable benefits of investing in the production of quality content. These benefits certainly far outweigh the investment which one makes to produce high quality content.

Firstly, your clients gain insightful knowledge about your industry and company. This interaction gains their trust and comfort with you and your business. They tremendously appreciate it when folks take time to produce content with measurable value.

Secondly, this exchange brings about signs the search engines algorithms pick up. For instance, increased traffic, shares and dwell times are affected. Further, the content itself is analyzed and deemed worthy. All of these are things which algorithms see very positively, and subsequently reward your effort.

In short, leaders, get to it! Go out there and produce awesome content for your audience and spread the word! Certainly you shall reap a bounty of rewards.