The Frustration!

Are you fed up with not being in control of your marketing?

The art of digital marketing and SEO are not voodoo magic, despite what others may have led you to believe.  You can get clear answers, build realistic roadmaps and reach set goals.

Are you tired of living in the unknown, dreading the day the next algorithm update is going to come that wipes out all the hard work and money you poured into your website or online business?

The truth is, there are many “Digital Marketing and SEO” companies out there… 

Unfortunately, only a very tiny fraction of online marketing firms actually have an in depth understanding of marketing or algorithms.  Most of them either don’t know any better, and just rinse and repeat what they were doing a decade ago.

Worse yet, when they see that your site has been affected negatively by algorithm updates, they view your rankings drop as an opportunity to sell you more services, instead of figure out long term meaningful solutions.

Sadly, most  really have no concern for the long term success of your company – their business model is one of high volume and low cost.  No doubt this almost always equates to the quality of relationship and results you will receive…

This is precisely why their marketing message is murky, there is generally a lack of detailed plan or goal sets.  You may get short term results, but without a solid foundation or clear roadmap with goals… long term results will be forever illusive.

Most websites today, if not the majority, were all designed and marketed using parameters deemed acceptable half a decade ago.

However, the problem is that digital marketing underwent a fundamental shift in the last 5 years, such that what worked then is exactly what is devastating your rankings and sales today!

Not only is outdated website structure not setup for optimal user experience, but, old marketing strategies are simply not converting into results, and results are exactly what everyone is after today!

Your site may currently be using outreach that is bound to be targeted by the algorithms of tomorrow; yet you are completely unaware and unprepared for the impending actions.  Sound familiar? We hear it from our new customers every single day!