The Possibility

There is another way.

You don’t have to live and die with each algorithm update.  You can choose the right long term marketing strategy that will close more deals and build better client relationships.

Your companies marketing strategy is a vital component of its success, without great marketing, success becomes elusive.  This is even more critical in a tightening marketplace, or contracting economy.

What if you decide that you’re not wanting to risk the business you built with hard sweat-equity to another algorithm update or poor long term marketing strategy?

There is another way.  

All these market changes happened for very viable reasons.  The search engines are not evil monsters trying to crush your business, they are simply businesses themselves that saw the value in creating better methods of evaluating a searchers experience.

In the past couple of years leading marketers and algorithm design engineers began to put their heads together as to what a viable and desirable end customer experience should look like.

A clear picture began to emerge.  Marketing strategies that were centered around the end users experience from start to finish, instead of the old marketing schemes to lure the most clients to your door.

Developing a streamlined framework and building in value added rich experiences throughout the end user journey has proved to be a win-win solution.  

Customers appreciate clean, fast and meaningful experiences.  They like to connect with those they choose to do business with, and want the full experience rather than an “old-school” used car dealer flogging.

Understandably, providing such rich experiences is much more involved time and money wise than what the “traditional” cost of marketing entailed…  But, the long term benefits, stability and quality of clients is more than worth the investment, as a matter of fact, it is what expands your future business!